Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sana'a, Yemen

Sana'a, is unlike the cities in the Gulf region on so many levels. First, it is old...real old, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world (Old Town Sana'a earns a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List), a world away from Kuwait City, Dubai etc. It is also much poorer. And most of all, the people are easily the friendliest in the region, if not the friendliest people in the world. I recently finished...well mostly finished, going through photos I've taken there and added them to the SLIDESHOW menu on the right side of the page. None of the photos are captioned yet, and I still have a few that I'll eventually add, but that may be a while. Below is a small sampling, the complete slideshow can be seen HERE.

Boys in the Hood - Sana'a, Yemen

Neighborhood Dealers (Khat) - Sana'a, Yemen

Sana'a, Yemen

Garlic in the Market - Sana'a, Yemen

Old Wall - Sana'a, Yemen

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