Friday, September 30, 2011

Chicago Reflections

From exactly four years ago, when we spent a couple days in Chicago with Ryan after his graduation from Navy Boot Camp.

Downtown Chicago Reflections - 2007

Downtown Chicago Reflections - 2007

Downtown Chicago Reflections - 2007

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Frog Blog II

The first photo is just another view of the frog in my first frog blog post. It is a good illustration of the ton of difference in the look of water & reflections that can be made by changing the angle just a little bit. The second photo is another frog I saw along our walk.

Frog - Cincinnati Nature Center, Milford

Frog - Cincinnati Nature Center, Milford

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cincinnati Geometry

Took these on the way and at the Red's game a couple weeks back. I like clear, dark blue skies.

Great American Tower - Cincinnati

Great American Ball Park - Cincinnati

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Car"cass V - Remnants On The Cutting Room Floor

Yes, it was a banner weekend for the "Car"cass brand...

This first remnant may be the remains of something that happened while we were out of town. It was less than 100 yds up the street from Carcass IV, at the intersection with Gulf Rd. Which coincidentally was the same location as Carcass I and the same location as "It Came from the Deep" on 2:48AM's blog. Which goes to show that they probably drive/sail boats and watercraft as bad as they do cars here.

Carcass Va - Kuwait

Bus stops may not be the best place to hang around. It was seeing a truck wipe out a bus stop on the 30 here a couple months ago that was an impetus for my "Car"cass series. Then again, Gulf Rd probably isn't the best place to hang around, as this was just 200 yds or so down toward Marina Mall from the three others.

Carcass Vb - Kuwait

"Car"cass IV - P is for Perpetrator

I can't believe I didn't see or hear this one at the time. I can literally spit on the "victim" out our living room window. A friend pointed it out to me sitting in a parking lot near our apartment Saturday morning and the carcass was still there for the mug shot in the evening. From the intersection where he took the turn, the perp had less than 100 yds to build up to the speed to do this.

Carcass IV, The Perp - Kuwait

The Victim - Kuwait

"Car"cass III - Dawn of the Dead

I saw this wreck on Gulf Rd right after it happened Wednesday night during my evening walk. A black sedan took out this palm tree. The car must have been totally airborne when it hit, none of the little bushes hedging the median were damaged and there are no tire marks on the grass. So I woke up early the next morning and scurried down there right after sunrise...and the car was gone! Only some broken bits remained.

Carcass III - Kuwait

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Frog Blog

During my visit back to Cincinnati, Shelby and I took a few hours one morning and visited the Cincinnati Nature Center (Rowe Woods) right down the road from us. Here is one of many good photos I got of a frog we saw on the Edge Trail (warning PDF). I got down on my belly on the boardwalk over a section of pond to get a lot of the shots.

Frog - Cincinnati Nature Center, Milford