Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Political Rant of the Season

As the political season ramps up, it is easier and easier to get me ranting...

It suddenly struck me from 5000 miles away how f(*&^d up everyone is back there...

I'm hearing corporations are people.

I'm left wondering if corporations are people, can they marry?
Apparently they can...but only other corporations, and multiple times at that!

Somehow everything in the U.S. seems stacked in the corporations' favor these days.

Gays still can't marry in most states, and I believe polygamy is outlawed in all 50 states...

Somehow I'm thinking that when the corporations get married they don't pay any more taxes (if they pay any to begin with) due to the marriage penalty...

The United States needs to re-establish The Rule of Law at home before it pushes such ideals abroad...anything else is hypocrisy...but that would begin a whole other rant.

...can corporations go to jail?

or better yet, get the death penalty?
(rare for the big guys but apparently they can, Lehman Bros must have been a minority whose public defender wasn't up to the job while AIG, Goldman Sachs, BoA and Citibank are all lily white with high priced lawyers, looks like maybe a fine here or there for them, but no hard time, much less the ultimate penalty)

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