Thursday, April 08, 2010

Biotopo del Quetzal

These are from way back...scanned slides. Still just looking through all the photos I've taken over the years...holy cow there is a lot I totally forgot about.

Something made me think of my photos and slideshows on (individual links on the right) and I realized I never linked to my Guatemala album...well I corrected that now...which got me looking through a massive folder of slides I scanned back then that I'd copied to the new computer (because someday I'll have heaps of time to organize ya ya ya...) and now with photoshop on a computer with the memory to handle the massive are a few I touched on this evening. I think only the bromeliad has a version in the slideshow...

Anyway, a really neat place up in the Coban cloud-forest is the Biotopo del Quetzal. We went there two or three times and actually managed to see a Quetzal on one of those trips.

Ferns and Fog - Biotopo del Quetzal, Guatemala

Bromeliad - - Biotopo del Quetzal, Guatemala

Patterns in the Canopy - Biotopo del Quetzal, Guatemala

Small Waterfall - Biotopo del Quetzal, Guatemala

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