Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alifakovac Cemetery - Sarajevo, BiH

While going through some old blog entries and some old photos today, I noticed I made this entry and haven't ever put up any of the photos...well now that I have my computer, a couple minutes, and photoshop, here are a few shots of Alifakovac Cemetery. I took a photo of the USAID descriptive placard which is at the bottom here. There isn't a whole lot on the web about this cemetery, a google search on it brings my previous meager entry up #2...

Alifakovac Cemetery - Sarajevo

Alifakovac Cemetery - Sarajevo
Bijela Tabija (White Bastion) in the background

Alifakovac Cemetery - Sarajevo

Alifakovac Cemetery Description
May have to click on this and expand it to make it readable

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