Saturday, April 12, 2008

Odds and Ends

I was able to replace my monitor a lot quicker than I feared. I now have a BRIGHT new LCD that weighs about 1/4 of my dead CRT screen and takes up far less room. I'm still trying to get the colors and brightness etc at least close to if a photo's colors, brightness etc are way off, please let me know. It might be my monitor for a change...because before, it was certainly yours :)

Here a few photos that I was working on when my previous monitor went to monitor heaven....

I love seeing all the crucifixes, small chapels and other little monuments and memorials along the roads in Czech (Slovenia has a lot of neat ones too). This one was at the edge of the little village where we pulled off the last of real road to drive up the trail to the bunker, Tvrz Bouda. Weathered and worn, I was struck by how the color persevered.

Roadside Shrine - Near Tvrz Bouda, Czech

On the drive back from Tvrz Bouda to Choceň, we stopped by the church of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Sorrows, Homol (Pilgrimage) church It was built in the 1690's and sits above a massive staircase. The staircase goes up the side of the hill to the chapels and the main church. The weather was cold, wet and windy with some snow mixed in with the rain. My photos of the church itself sitting atop the lengthy staircase left a lot to be I desire to go back at a better time of day and during better weather :)

Looking Down the Steps - Homol Pilgrimage Church, Czech

Chapel - Homol Pilgrimage Church, Czech

Sometime, probably the early 1900's, the trains came to Choceň. They just cut their way deep and straight (and I do mean straight!) through the hill. It must have been an amazing engineering feat at the time.

All Trains Lead to Choceň - Choceň, Czech

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