Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break and Another Waterfall

Spring break is coming up and a week from now we will be road-tripping to and through the Czech Republic. One of the first "spring break" vacations we took as a family was in 2000 through upstate New York including a stay in Letchworth State Park, a stop in Rochester that included the George Eastman House/Museum and later on to Niagara Falls. We really enjoyed Letchworth, it was so early in the spring that we had the park to ourselves, sharing only with the deer. Spring hadn't really "sprung" yet that far north and things weren't really even starting to turn green.

The photo below of the Genesee River plunging over the Middle Falls in Portage Canyon was one of many many slides I took that trip. One night a few years back, I was scanning slides for and I thought this might be a good one. Once I scanned it, I decided that maybe it was too dark and dreary but I ended up submitting the photo anyway. Which is a good thing, as it has consistently been the most popular of any of the photos I have supplied to them.

Genesee River Middle Falls - Letchworth State Park, New York

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