Sunday, October 21, 2007

What is Real?

First off, my position on the always lie and photos always reveal the biases of the photographer...not any different than newspaper headlines...

I sort of hinted at this a while back in my "Portraits" entry and the entry that followed "Some Things I Didn't Consider". My son got me to thinking more about it a week or so ago when he said "hey! you're just making up a sky!" and I went on to explain that no I wasn't. Here is the photograph that I was working on today that made me think of this yet again.

Diocletian's Palace - Split

And the two versions of the same photograph from which I "made" it. One photo was processed for a blue sky, the other for more neutral to warm stone work....

So now you know my bias ...skies are always blue because I wear polarized sunglasses and I have a sunny disposition :) ...except of course for dramatic stormy skies...then they are really black!

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