Thursday, August 02, 2007


This guy crossed my path in the Patuxent Wildlife Refugee. Looking at the turtle's shell while previewing in Adobe Bridge, I decided I must not have had my polarizer filter on, or maybe it was oriented incorrectly. Anyway, to "correct" my mistake, I ended up processing the RAW image twice, once for the top of the turtle's shell and once for the rest of the turtle and the environment. Then combining the two. Here is the resulting photo. The first is full frame, and the second is just a crop of the first. I can't decide which way I like it best. Feel free to vote :)

Turtle - Patuxent Wildlife Research Center/Refugee

Crop of above


Teri said...

The cropped picture makes for a more interesting composition. Cropping the photo adds to the movement and line, drawing the viewer in. Bringing the view in closer allows the colors in the shell and underbelly to repeat more clearly, adding a "pop" to the picture.

Jeff said...

Thanks, and I agree. When I originally took the photo, I was thinking of emphasizing symmetry, but once I actually saw the photo, especially the little tufts of grass on the right, I changed my mind. A couple of the blades being out of focus, yet in front of the turtle give the tighter crop added depth and also suggest movement.