Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Santa Fe National Cemetery

This shot is with a "lensbaby", the blur is point of the lens. Photoshop work revolved around contrast on the gravestone and color/saturation for the tree and the crab apples.

Sculpture Garden - Santa Fe, New Mexico

This is a 30 second night shot using a tripod. Most of the sculptures moved in the wind. Photoshop work was primarily color balance and exposure tweaking.

Abandon Jail - Outside of Santa Fe

This is another one from the jail. Saw this door with the peeling paint, rust etc and the light hitting it from the side. Photoshop work was primarily moving the color more toward red (blood?), more contrast on the hand print, and some cropping to make the photo a little more abstract.

Abandon Jail - Outside of Santa Fe

This is where they filmed the latest iteration of "The Longest Yard".
I looked up and saw this "chimney" in the real part of the jail, not the set.
Photoshop work was a combination of multiple raw files, shot using a tripod at different exposures to get the windows and the walls to show up. Not true "HDR" but a useful technique when the range from light to dark is so extensive.

Tent Rocks - New Mexico

A very interesting landscape. Photoshop work was pretty much limited to making some portions slightly lighter, others darker, some sharpening and contrast/curves working from a "raw" file.

Photos from a workshop

I spent a week at the beginning of August at a photography workshop
in Santa Fe..."Real World Digital Photography". It was a lot of
fun, I learned heaps about Photoshop and photography. Here are
a number of the photos I took and worked on in Photoshop during
the week. Santa Fe Workshops can be found at:
The instructor, Sean Duggan has two web sites, his blog:
and his main web page:
If you ever have the time and the money, like photography,
I highly recommend both the Sante Fe Workshops, and Sean's
classes (he also does workshops and classes at other locations.)

The Croatian Coast

The weather and and views were incredible. As a friend would say
"I could live here".

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mud Volcanos

Here's some mud volcanos...outside of Baku, Azerbaijan. They aren't hot, you can walk right up to them.

I'm back

still waiting on my computer etc. I have heaps of photos though