Saturday, February 05, 2005

More parenting...

My sister-in-law visited us for a couple weeks last month.
She's just getting into photography, so she was a little
enthusiastic with the colors here, the different scenery
and sites. Enthusiastic to the tune of shooting more than
30 rolls of film...

I've also been more active in the photo arena since we've
moved here. I guess our enthusiasism was contagious, because
Shelby and Carl decided to SHARE a new 35 mm camera. I
ordered if for them and it should arrive early next week.
I've been thinking about how to teach them. They say, and
I'd like, that they learn and understand photography as
opposed to just snapshot-ing. I'm hoping to teach them
about depth-of-field, shutter speed, film speed and a little
about composition. Is a parent capable of doing something
like this without boring them to death? I hope so. Like
many good hobbies, photography is something that they can
take with them through a lifetime.

Anyway, above is a shot I took in Monterrico a couple weeks
ago in response to Carl asking:
"What is a double exposure?"

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