Saturday, August 28, 2004

rambles and rambles

So much to say so little time....

should I talk about the security guard that got shot and killed
last week guarding one of the U.S. facilities here? We drove
by on the way to work as the ambulance pulled up. He died
later that day...for trying to help a woman being mugged for her

or the electricity here...the housing is so nice, but I wonder
about the electricity, light bulbs burn out as fast as you
replace them. The current is a bit unstable and the electricity
will drop out altogether for a few minutes every couple days,
the battery alarm clock will be my future...

or that everything takes so long...I may have internet again
for the family...someday, if not soon enough the family may

I can´t get our tv working, but I don´t have time, nor a U.S.
phone number to call from to fix it, if that will even be possible...

I´ve gotten the hang of driving, Elesa insists I´m too aggressive,
but she has not volunteered to wait until the traffic dies down
at 2 am before we pull out into an intersection either. The one-way
streets remain a challenge, but I´m to the point I have a pretty good
idea which direction a street is going to go...but how far remains a
mystery until I actually take it...discontinuity seems to be a theme
with street design around here...

The keys and cages to get into and out of housing here are incredible.
I think it could get you down, but I´ve decided that the huge windows
in our house that offer spectacular views of the volcano...once you look
past the ironwork bars...offer us a sort of mosaic or patchwork view of
the world outside, this rectangle has the flowers, that one has clouds,
another the volcano top, and when you put it all together, its still a
great view. Plus, its not the jail it seems....not many jails do the inmates
have the keys...

there are hummingbirds, I´ve seen a bunch, even in our backyard,
I can´t wait until our household goods (HHG) shipment arrives and
I can set up my feeders....

a few comments on the world outside, keeping in mind that I
have limited internet access, no TV and no english newspapers...
missed the olympics (not that I´m a big fan though, I find the
U.S. network coverage terrible),
don´t know and frankly don´t care a whole lot about an election that is going
on, I honestly see very little difference anymore between the major parties
both spend tax money way too freely, just a different emphasis on what it
is wasted on, and neither has expressed an interest in protecting the U.S.

that´s all folks...

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